Unleash the Power of Critical Thinking at Any Age

Take the first step towards a more inclusive and critical-thinking-driven educational experience. Join us in fostering meaningful change and inspiring thought-provoking conversations.

Educators have been using these resources to facilitate conversations about challenging topics for over 20 years.

unlearn Poster Packs – our flagship creation – are designed to provide rich learning experiences for learners of all ages, making critical thinking accessible and engaging.

Student submission inspired by unlearn posters

Why Poster Packs?

Each Poster Pack is a thoughtfully curated collection of 24 images, specially designed to stimulate social and emotional learning through critical thinking. We're on a mission to foster equity and inclusion, and these resources are your ticket to sparking meaningful conversations.

We've designed Poster Packs with educators and managers in mind. This tool serves as your guide to identifying and eliminating discriminatory practices within your educational settings. It's about creating an environment where students and staff see themselves and their peers reflected in their learning journey, empowering everyone to participate in transformational dialogues about equity and human rights.

For educators, Poster Packs are a game-changer. They are your secret weapon to fortifying inclusive, culturally responsive, and relevant teaching practices. We've seen educators use these resources to boost student engagement, enhance achievement, and inspire positive change in their classrooms and schools.

Explore Diverse Topics

Topics Addressed
Gender stereotypes, racism, concepts of faith and family, climate change and environmental stewardship, capitalism, peace and conflict, body image, challenging conformity and more.

Topics Addressed
Indigenous experiences, mental health and well-being, social media addiction, cyberbullying, inclusion, student achievement, poverty, accessibility, ableism, racism, power, privilege and more.

Topics Addressed
Anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, white privilege, equity, bullying, pandemic inspired racism, gun violence, climate change and others.

Topics Addressed
Indigenous topics including residential schools, women in sports, representation matters, refugees, technology and family relationships, climate change and more.

Topics Addressed
Ability/Disability, Ageism, Anti-Racism, Artificial Intelligence, Cancel Culture, Consumption, Cyber Safety, Mental Health and Well Being, Media/ Social Media, Multiple Intelligences, 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion, Women’s Empowerment and more.

Transform your learning environment, ignite critical thinking, and nurture inclusivity with Poster Packs. Unleash the power of critical thinking by design today. Your path to meaningful and transformative education starts here.

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Curriculum Connections

Wondering how to harness the full potential of unlearn Poster Packs? We’re excited to introduce our NEW resource that takes your experience to the next level!

At unlearn, we understand that educators and learners are often looking for guidance on how to use our Poster Packs effectively. That's why we've developed a game-changing solution: Curriculum Connections!

Our Alignment Resource is designed to align Poster Pack 4 & 5 with specific Ontario curriculum expectations, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your educational journey from kindergarten to grade 12. This means that you can confidently use our resources in your classrooms, knowing they are directly connected to your curriculum.

Our resource goes beyond alignment – it includes carefully crafted mini-lessons. These mini-lessons encompass an unlearning goal, a minds-on activity, an action step, and a consolidation strategy. They provide a structured framework for educators to guide brave conversations that are not only age-appropriate but also developmentally sensitive.

Now, you can confidently lead discussions that encourage critical thinking, empathy, and understanding. Our mini-lessons make it easier to tackle complex topics with your students, fostering an environment where everyone can contribute to meaningful conversations.