Wall Murals & Floor Graphics

Unlearn. as an entire school community with out Wall Murals and Floowr Graphics- an unparalleled way of promoting critical thinking by design!

Critical Thinking by Design

Administrators and staff from various school boards have been reaching out to us, seeking larger poster formats to place around their schools, and have resorted to using posters from our poster packs throughout their schools’ hallways. However, to improve functionality and aesthetic, we are now offering this new solution to help students and staff unlearn like never before!

Promoting Critical Thinking

Just like our poster pack designs, the Wall Murals and Floor Graphics are tools that are perfect for every learner, regardless of age. As a central design component in the school, the mural and/or floor design can help stimulate social and emotional learning through creative thinking for the entire school community! The designs are open to interpretation, and the reflection process provides an opportunity for empowerment and can create transformative conversations. Not only do the murals and floor graphics look good, they also do good. 


Most of the designs from our Poster Packs are available for this format Designs relate to topics including racism, inequality, gender stereotypes, mental health, inclusion, bullying, and more Designs are available in 4’x4’, 4’x6’, 4’x8′ and custom sizes Murals are printed vinyl graphic that appear as if they are painted