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Corporate social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword; it’s about addressing real-world problems and acts as the driving force of an organization’s growth and positive impact.

Together, let’s work towards a better tomorrow.

Dual Foundations of CSR

Our approach stands as a strong ethical commitment, fostering positive change in society and the environment.


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Strategic Partnerships

Enhanced Brand Reputation

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Social Innovation

Education & Awareness

Our Services

Our CSR services help you build a strong strategy that aligns with your business goals, showcasing your commitment to sustainability and boosting your company's reputation and success.

Professional Development

Real-world scenarios drive learning home. Our workshops leverage scenario-based learning, allowing participants to navigate challenging situations in a controlled environment, promoting critical thinking and effective decision-making.

Program Evaluations

unlearn’s Program Evaluations offer a transformative way to assess and enhance your DEI initiatives. This evidence-based approach highlights successes and identifies areas for improvement, empowering you towards informed decision-making.

DEI & CSR Consulting

Building an inclusive culture goes beyond policies. We work closely with your leadership to craft comprehensive strategies that align DEI and CSR initiatives with your organization’s long-term goals.

Online E-Course Training

Theory without application can lead to stagnation. Our e-courses are designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to drive impactful change.

why partner with us?

unlock growth together

At unlearn, we’re not just looking for partners; we’re looking to embark on a shared journey towards success. Here’s why teaming up with us makes perfect sense:

01  Enhanced Brand Reputation

Collaborating with unlearn means associating your brand with a reputation for driving positive change. By aligning your brand with social responsibility, you attract customers and partners who share your values.

02  Explore New Markets

In the dynamic realm of business, the path to expansion often leads to unexplored territories. By partnering with unlearn, a recognized leader in education, corporations can embark on a journey of exploring new markets with a distinct advantage.

03  Social Innovation

We help identify strategic opportunities for community initiatives, such as assisting local organizations or creating cause-focused funds that align with your brand and stakeholders.

04  Education & Awareness

unlearn’s extensive reach in the education industry in Canada involves over 10,000 educational staff and parents/guardians, connecting you with high-level decision-makers who often attend our conferences.

Inspiring Leaders for Tomorrow

Join us in our legacy of shaping minds, elevating leaders, and securing a brighter future.