An organization is only as good as its culture – building that culture is not only for HR, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

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Corporate Workshops


Ensuring equity in the workplace is essential for improving morale, mental health & well-being, and creates an environment of opportunity and creativity.


Our interactive diversity & inclusion programs and consulting services use design to create a dialogue around discrimination, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and many other critical social issues.


unlearn. curates each session based on your company’s needs and requirements. We provide the optimal experience where we adapt our lens and approach to each diverse company so that they can achieve their goals.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Workshops


Ensuring equity is essential for improving staff mental health and well-being. unlearn.’s Workplace Equity Programs support organizations which are focused on cultivating cultures that embrace equity, inclusion and diversity.

Our interactive education programs and consulting services are designed to create a dialogue around discrimination, stereotypes and other important social issues. unlearn. workshops help participants explore their unconscious biases and examine how they can be reinforced by the media, their experiences and their relationships. Our aim is to educate participants and encourage them to develop an equity lens by examining stereotypes and challenging societal norms that marginalize others.

Focus Areas

We strive to challenge our thinking by using design to uncover our personal biases touching on the topics below. 

  • Anti-Racism, Unconscious Bias, Stereotypes & Prejudice
  • Anti- Bullying​
  • Mental Health​
  • Enviroment​
  • 2SLGBTQ+
  • Power & Privilege
  • Equity, Inclusion & Diversity
  • Indigenous Voices & Reconciliation
  • Gender Identity & Two Spirit Awereness

Anti-Racism, Unconscious
Bias, Stereotypes & Prejudice

Anti- Bullying​

Mental Health​



Power & Privilege

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity

Indigenous Voices & Reconciliation

Gender Identity & Two Spirit Awereness


What People are Saying

Thank you for doing this work, for offering your voices and expertise in helping facilitate these conversations. I think everyone would benefit from some time with Unlearn, especially right now- in 2021 as we face so many long-awaited social reckonings. I really enjoyed each and every aspect of the training! The designs to spark conversation, the facilitator’s natural ability to invite thought-provoking discussions, and overall, leaving with a sense of hope and self-reflection. Thank you!”
Michelle Baer
Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region

Overall, this webinar helped me better understand the perspectives of my colleagues and how we share a lot of the same values. I found it helpful how complex issues such as systemic racism, stereotyping, privilege and equality/equity were easily explained through graphics. The unlearn team created a safe and brave space for everyone to share their input without judgement or blame. Thank you!”
Brianna Hand
Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Development Canada

I had taken other equity training before, but what made unlearn unique was the moderators’ attention to detail in our conversations. You latched onto leads and followed ideas or thoughts and made it a really constructive seminar, rather than a lecture-style dictation. It was fantastic!”
Riley Schnurr
Ministry of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth with the Government of Canada

Overall, I think this was one of the best courses on racial injustice – the approach led to a very open conversation without any tension. The whole team seemed to contribute in a meaningful way, I think that alone speaks to how well this resonated with people. I hope to see more of it, these conversations are so important.”
Jessica Gillispie

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