The unlearn Movement

Humanity is under attack.

Among a fractured society, where the need to confront racism and injustice is urgent and undeniable, unlearn shines as a transformative force driving positive change.

From the influence of the media to the tapestry of your personal experiences and relationships, we interrupt stereotypes, dismantle racism, challenge unconscious biases, and stand against oppression. 

Our services and resources interrupt the norms that have marginalized others for far too long. With a profound history spanning over 25 years, we’ve forged an unwavering path of nurturing true, authentic selves while reshaping the world.

Are you ready to shape a future free from barriers and bias? 

If you’re seeking authentic solutions to pressing equity issues, your journey begins here.

Our Vision

unlearn. isn’t just a tool; it’s a call to action, a global movement, a way of life. 

Our vision is simple: to inspire people to see the humanity in everyone.

unlearn strives to challenge people of all ages to think critically about their unconscious biases and how the media, their experiences, and their relationships can reinforce them. 

We want to help create a world where discriminatory practices in schools, workplaces, homes and communities are identified and eliminated.

Our Founder

At the heart of unlearn’s mission lies the inspiring story of its founder, Abhi Ahluwalia. A narrative of resilience, Abhi’s journey began in 1972 when his family faced expulsion from Uganda amidst political upheaval, confronted with the harrowing edict: “You don’t belong here.” This profound experience of displacement ignited Abhi’s resolve to ensure that no one would ever have to endure the loneliness and alienation he faced during those tumultuous times.


Join us in our legacy of shaping minds, elevating leaders, and securing a brighter future.

Meet the Team

Abhi Ahluwalia

Founder and CEO


Hanieh Khoshkhou​

Training and Development Specialist


Samaer Gill

Training and Development Specialist


Carine Clemente

VP of Operations


Anisha Oza

Customer Service Assistant


Ravi Ladwa

Creative Manager


Paul Smith

Web Developer


Mohammed Najarali

Marketing Specialist


Catherine Cardino

Graphic Designer


Livia Karklins

Graphic Designer / Social Media Specialist


Samantha Zimmerman

Video Editor


Amit Kumar

Video Editor